William and Catherine Booth

Book: The Diary and the Reminiscences of Catherine Booth

Catherine (Mumford) Booth only kept a diary for two short periods, both while she was a young woman: that is, in 1847-48 and for a few weeks in 1852. It begins when she was a very sick 18-year-old, and ends soon after she became engaged to William Booth. Her Reminiscences, by contrast, were dictated on her deathbed and are lengthy. About half of the manuscript of the Reminiscences unfortunately has been lost, but this volume contains all the remaining text, plus footnotes and index for both documents. It is edited by David Malcolm Bennett and is the companion volume to “The Letters of William & Catherine Booth”. (The book containing the Diary and Reminiscences is now out of print and has been replaced by the Booth Letters CD.)

Hardback, 21x30cms, 170 pages, ISBN: 978 0 9577937 4 3.

The Book is no longer available, but the Diary and Reminiscences and the Booth Letters are now on 3 PDF files on one CD. Price: Aus $35, post free in Australia. Please request postage cost for other countries.

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