William and Catherine Booth

Book: William Booth and his Salvation Army

The filthy back streets of London’s East End in the Victorian era were home to every imaginable crime, vice and horror. Many thousands lived there without Christ and without hope, and no one seemed to care. But William Booth did care.

In 1865 Booth began a mission which took the Gospel to these people. It became The Salvation Army and changed the lives of many thousands as it spread throughout London, Britain and the world, preaching a Gospel of redemption and holiness.

New edition of previously published biography by one of the foremost authorities on William Booth and the beginning of The Salvation Army. Sold over 24000 books.

It was a finalist the biography section of the CALEB awards for 2013. The Caleb awards are for Australian Christian writers.

This book has been called “fascinating” and “highly recommended”, Barbara Bailey, in  “Journey” (June 2013). K.L. for Caleb reviews said, “The author has managed to capture the period well and has unearthed quite a few historical gems” (2013). Recommendations of the earlier editions include “compelling reading” (The Australian Evangelical) and “Thoroughly enjoyable” (Commissioner D. Campbell).


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