William and Catherine Booth

The Letters of William and Catherine Booth and other documents

David Malcolm Bennett has just finished transcribing and editing the letters Catherine Booth wrote to her parents. They are now being released on a PDF (but not in book form), see details below. David has also decided to release the PDFs of other Booth documents, which you can purchase. The details and prices are below.

The Letters of William and Catherine Booth (Australian $15)

The Diary of Catherine Booth (Australian $5)

The Reminiscences of Catherine Booth (Australian $10)

Catherine Booth’s Letters to her Parents (Australian $10)

These can be purchased individually or collectively. Individual prices are above; for all four the price is Australian $35.

You can pay via PayPal through e-mail bndv@primusonline.com.au

Upon payment, the PDFs will be sent direct to your e-mail address.